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Knuckle Up #355: The World's Worst Boss, UFC on FOX 16 + the F.U Genius of the MMA Haves

Literary gunslinger Eugene S. Robinson lends his "one"-of-a-"kind" "perspective" to a Graduate School of Business breakdown of what might constitute a terrible boss, the corrosive influence of unremitting negativity, UFC on FOX 16, how despite being under .500 on his picks he's bullish on this weekend and how wonderfully sweet it must have been to see an MMA have say "f**k you" in the most polite way possible. That and the kind of fight philosophy that makes the undereducated feel angry. You KNOW it.

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In Round #355 KNUCKLE UP host and enabler of bad behaviors EUGENE S. ROBINSON [with the "S" standing for "S-Disgustimated"], lets his lifelong aversion and hatred of bullies get the best of him as he flips out while lambasting the world's least successful business management techniques on his way to diving deep on UFC on FOX 16, the rumors around DILLASHAW's very legit win, why Brazilian fighters never do well on the comeback trail, the 32-some-odd shots the sexy and sophisticated HERB DEAN felt OK letting BARAO eat in contrast to the 1.5 he let MENDES eat a few days ago, STITCH, REEBOK and why everything to the very fiber of his being makes him want to see BETHE win even though nothing matters in that division but CYBORG. And by the end of the show? Yeah, he's alright again. Really.

Eugene S. Robinson host of Knuckle Up and author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW[Robotic Boot] and a play called THE INIMITABLE SOUNDS OF LOVE; A THREESOME IN FOUR ACTS [Southern] also sings for a band called OXBOW and appeared in Bill Cosby's Leonard Part 6 (and yes, a Cosby story is in the works), a Miller Genuine Draft commercial, and had his own TV show in Germany called? "The Eugene Robinson Show."

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