Know your BE meme: mma intellegence (or: How 8 out of 12 = 80%)

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In the 2nd installment of "Know your BE meme", we take a look back at one of Bloody Elbow's most quotable and infamous trolls.

As the unofficial historian on all things Bloody Elbow, I feel it is my duty to teach the current generation of Bloody Elbowers about the legendary tales and inside jokes that the true veterans of this site have come to know and appreciate. In May, I highlighted the origins of "lets mutherfukers", and now it's time to up the "intellegence" factor, if you will. Let me set the scene for you....

December 5th, 2011

Michael Bisping had just come off a 3rd round TKO win over Jason Miller on the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter 14. It was his 4th straight victory and one of his most impressive performances to date. One particular Bloody Elbow commenter, allegedly from the north of England, sought to defend Bisping from the hordes of MMA fans who doubted his skill and his fearsome punching power. I present to you, in full, the entire transcript of mma intellegence's unforgettable fanpost.

Dispelling the myths about Bispings "pillow fists"


Now, this wasn't the first time mma intellegence had rushed to the fanpost section to sing the praises of Bisping. He'd done so in October and in November, but this particular jumble of almost correctly spelled words proved to be a classic. The post had managed almost 700 comments, many of which were absolutely hilarious bits of bantering between intellegence and the community. Several memes were spawned just from the comments section alone, and here are the top ones:

1.) The north of England


2.) 8 out of 12 times = 80%


3.) The spelling of "intellegence"


4.) He's no Michael Bisping


After nearly 700 comments, the fanpost was hidden, mma intellegence was handed a lifetime ban for being a completely unintelligent and certifiably insane troll, but he left us with several gems that shall remain forever etched in stone when it comes to the culture and history of Bloody Elbow.

So in case you've ever wondered why 8 out of 12 = 80%, or why no one compares to Michael Bisping, there is your answer. And it is on that note that I've decided to conclude this session with a little treat for everyone. The moderators hid this thing years ago because it was rec'd up to the promoted fanposts section, and this was at a time when fanpost traffic and interaction was considerably higher than present day. For the rest of this week (which is basically how long I expect my fanpost to stay up), I'm going to unhide mma intellegence's finest hour for everyone to see. It truly is absurd hilarity at its finest, and the BE community really shined in delivering the funny. The link is below:

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