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Video: GSP: 'Carlos Condit is a nightmare', 'most dangerous guy' in division

Georges St-Pierre gives his take on the new Reebok uniforms, Lawler vs. MacDonald 2 and who should get the next title shot.

The secret headliner of UFC 189 was without a doubt the electrifying rematch battle between welterweight titleholder Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald. The champion was tested for multiple rounds by the 26-year old canadian contender, but eventually emerged victorious with a well-placed jab to MacDonald's already broken nose.

Bloody Elbow's Mark Bergmann had the chance to talk to former welterweight great Georges St-Pierre for German outlet St-Pierre happens to be one of MacDonald's training partners and closest friends, so it should come as no surprise that the UFC superstar has an opinion on the fight and MacDonald's future.

"Rory is a good friend of mine and a training partner. I think he did a great job until he got caught by that last straight left. I still believe Rory will be world champion one day. I just believe, maybe it wasn't meant to be right now," GSP said. "But it doesn't change the fact that I still think he's the future of the division."

"If you look at Robbie Lawler, his career went up and down before he became champion. I think sometimes it's just to be patient with time and experience. But I truly believe for Rory, I have a message for him, I could tell him -- I know he's probably sad and everything, because when you lose a fight you are very sad and sometimes emotion about it -- but not give up on his dream, hold on to it. By seeing him training and talking to him, I know he's the future of this division. It just wasn't meant to be to happen right now, but it will be pretty soon."

Since St-Pierre has relinquished his title in 2013, there has been an ever-exciting battle for the belt at the top of the 170-pound division. After Johny Hendricks secured the vacant title in a close fight against Robbie Lawler, he immediately lost it in the rematch. After his first successful defense against MacDonald, Lawler now awaits two possible challengers: he could complete the trilogy against Hendricks or face Carlos Condit, who made an impressive return to the Octagon against Thiago Alves in May.

GSP has already fought both men, and took a considerable amount of punishment in both fights. While some feel he even lost the fight against Hendricks, St-Pierre feels the toughest of them all is Carlos Condit.

"Carlos Condit is a nightmare," St-Pierre said. "Of all the guys that I would not want to fight again, it would be Carlos Condit. Because Carlos Condit [...] is very well rounded, things can come out of every angle, from everywhere. Johny Hendricks is very good at what he does. Not as surprising as Carlos Condit, but he's very good at what he does. He hits very hard with his left. But I do believe right now, if you talk about ranking and positioning, the man that deserves the title shot would be Johny Hendricks. That's what I believe. But Carlos Condit is not far behind. And on a five round fight, I believe right now in the mix, Carlos Condit might be the most dangerous guy. He has more weapons in his arsenal and you never know where it's coming from. It's just a nightmare fighting a guy like this.

"If I would have to bet - let's have no choice - between Lawler, Hendricks and Condit, I believe Condit is the one that will emerge victorious. That's on a five round fight. He's a nightmare."

In the video, St. Pierre also talks about the new Reebok uniforms and the controversial release of cutman Jacob 'Stitch' Duran. You can watch it above.

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