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Wardrobe malfunction from Reebok's UFC Fight Kit causes stir online

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It didn't take long before the new Reebok UFC Fight Kits had a wardrobe malfunction.

The Reebok's new UFC Fight Kits were sold to be premium uniforms and workout gear designed for and tested by fighters. Less than a month after the unveiling though, and we've already had our first wardrobe malfunction.

During last night's UFC on FOX 16 event in Chicago, bantamweight Elizabeth Phillips defeated Ronda Rousey's teammate Jessamyn Duke by decision at the preliminary portion of the card. Up until the final bell rang, Duke was attempting to secure an armbar. While Phillips was able to successfully defend it, the grappling exchange had caused a wardrobe malfunction that left her exposed.

To make things worse, the final sequence was even replayed on the original broadcast, showing the unwanted exposure in super slow motion as Joe Rogan narrated through the highlights of the contest.

The malfunction has predictably brought on a significant amount of comments online. Lucky enough for all parties though, the fight was only streamed on instead of a much broader audience on national TV like the other bouts last night.

The team behind UFC Fight Pass has since edited the broadcast. They have cut off the few seconds of exposure during the final bell, and changed the camera angle used for the slow motion replay of the sequence.