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Video: GSP reveals details on his break from MMA: I should've stopped 'one fight before'

Georges St-Pierre talks the reasons for stepping down, a potential comeback, the UFC's new anti-doping policy and more.

Bloody Elbow's Mark Bergmann had the chance to talk to former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at the Under Armour brand launch in Munich, Germany last week. St-Pierre vacated his title and stepped down from active MMA competition roughly two years ago. He has been one of the most dominant champions in UFC history, with nine successful title defenses and a multi-year reign on top of the 170-pound division.

His reasons to take a break have never really become clear. One has been the ongoing problem with performance-enhancing drugs in the UFC and his strong discontent with how the organization dealt with it. The new anti-drug policy in place might be a "catalyst" for GSP to come back says St-Pierre's coach Firas Zahabi, who is very close to him. But although the former champion thinks the new program is "good news" and a "big progress", you shouldn't hold your breath for a return just yet.

"There is different reasons of why I took a break. What I can say is, I'm not sure, I don't know right now if I wanna come back or not. I'm not sure when, if I do. So it's still the same answer as before," St-Pierre said during the interview with German outlet

GSP never talked publicly about those "different reasons" that made him walk away from the sport. There have been several rumors, though. Some said he had problems handling the pressure of being a champion, Zahabi indicated he might want to have a family. Now, St-Pierre himself finally gave a deeper inside look into his reasoning.

"Like every human being, I wish one day I'll meet someone and spend the rest of my life with, with a great family and stuff. That's a dream of pretty much everybody," St-Pierre said. He did clarify that his wish for a family is not the reason he stepped down though. It rather was the draining life of a professional fighter, who is constantly in the spotlight and a target for criticism.

For my mental health, I needed to step out and get a little bit of a social life.-Georges St-Pierre

"I've been doing this sport at the elite level for a very long time. I've been champion for like nine years, eight years. And it's a very stressful life," St-Pierre said. "You have a lot of criticism, a lot of pressure and critics, and everything put together, it hit you a lot. You don't wanna hear the critics sometimes, but it's still there. I'm a sensitive guy, and it hit you, hit you, and you're never good enough and stuff. So for my mental health, I needed to step out and get a little bit of a social life."

Besides enjoying his newly-found social life and shooting a few movies here and there, St-Pierre is still doing lots of sports, including Gymnastics, Basketball and, of course, Mixed Martial Arts. Active competitor or not, fighting plays a huge role in his life, the only difference is: Without all the pressure, he is able to enjoy training again, and hence has gotten better and better, according to him.

"Mixed Martial Arts is something that I've done all my life, you know, I would never stop training, no matter what, if I come back or not," GSP explained.

Instead of training "for performance", he started to train for fun again, he says.

"I became world champion by training for fun. And then the fun became business, and business became stressful, and then you lost fun. I didn't have fun at the end, I did it because I had to, not because I wanted to. I should have actually stopped maybe one fight before, or two fights before, but I couldn't. It was always constantly another guy challenging me. Carrying all this weight on my shoulders, I felt like I needed to do it, instead of wanting to do it."