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Video: Dana White blasts Stitch Duran: We were never friends, we have 10 cutmen

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Dana White addressed the recent firing of cutman Stitch Duran.

The UFC has been taking a lot of criticism lately from the firing of long time cutman Jacob 'Stitch' Duran, over comments he made about losing money from the Reebok deal. Dana White was asked about the hot topic following the UFC on FOX event and he didn't mince words about Duran.

"No, he won't be coming back," The UFC president said. "First of all, you do realize we have 10 cutmen that work for the UFC?"

"Stitch Duran needs to learn what the meaning of 'friend' is. Stitch Duran and I were never friends. We were work associates. We came up together from the boxing world, and when we hired cutmen, he's one of the guys I brought in here. Friends are people you talk to, hang out with a lot of the time."

"Don House, was one of our cutmen. He and I were very close and still are. Stitch Duran was never my friend. Another thing about Stitch Duran saying I should've called him, I have never dealt with a cutman ever. We have a department that deals with them."

"We weren't friends. We're not friends, and no, he shouldn't have been expecting a call from me. If he's a friend, why didn't he reach out from me?"