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The MMA Prospectus: UFC on Fox 16 & everything goes wrong

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Zane Simon & T.P. Grant are back to talk about the best young UFC fighters of the week, this time around focusing on Paul Felder & Jessica Eye and turning back the clock to Jimmy Rivera, Leon Edwards, Joe Duffy, and Stevie Ray from the UFC's Glasgow card. We're also going to talk about the various divisions, and what it means to be a hot commodity in them.

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This was supposed to be a quick run over the upcoming UFC on Fox 16 card in Chicago and a quick look back at the great prospect performances from UFC Fight Night Glasgow, before jumping in to a long term discussion of how divisions shape prospects in the UFC and what prospects look like in different divisions. We got talked Jessica Eye & Paul Felder from the Fox show and Jimmie Rivera, Leon Edwards, Stevie Ray, and Ilir Latifi among others from the Glasgow card... And then we got the discussion started and were about halfway through it when my bandwidth crapped out, causing the show to be cancelled. So, watch if you like, there's still about 40 minutes of show in there, just not everything we'd hoped.

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Oh, and here's the soundcloud and iTunes versions as well, because at the point that we've got 8 minutes of me cutting in and out with no video, you might as well just treat it like an experimental recording session.