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TJ Dillashaw on Ludwig vs Team Alpha Male feud: I have to juggle both but not choose sides

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UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw speaks about the feud between Duane 'Bang' Ludwig and his training partners at Team Alpha Male.

T.J. Dillashaw has been put in a bit of an awkward spot just before his title defense against Renan Barao this weekend. As his coach Duane Ludwig was complimenting his skills and work ethic, 'Bang' also made some comments that irked several members of Team Alpha Male.

Ludwig, who left the Sacramento-based fight team last year, said that Dillashaw is the only one who wants to be a champion among the stable. Multiple members from the team took offense and have spoken out, even going so far as to call Bang a 'bitter ex-girlfriend'.

"I think it was taken a bit out of context. With him, it's just that he believes he's the best, just like I believe I'm the best. He thinks that people should be working with him if they had the opportunity, and in his eyes, they're not doing so," Dillashaw explained to MMA Fighting. "It's just different personalities."

"I'm using him. He's the best coach in my eyes, and I've got the best team in my home. I have to juggle both things, but also not choose sides."

"It's actually petty stuff, and it's blown out of proportion. If they were to see each other face to face, it would be a different story."

You can also watch the video on YouTube.