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Demetrious Johnson: I finished 4 UFC title fights, what more do you want?

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UFC flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson responds to his critics.

Demetrious Johnson has been an absolute force during the past few years as the UFC's only flyweight champion. He has dominated all comers, and is ranked as the top 3 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, yet he still has his share of detractors.

Although he clearly matches them in talent, Johnson isn't as big a draw as some of his peers, and people have given various reasons for it. DJ has responded to the critics who say that he's 'too boring' or 'too small' to matter, and he asks them, "What more do you want from me?"

"I finished my last four title fights. I knocked out the best man in the world, I submitted a man who had never been finished his entire life," he said on an appearance at the MMA Hour. (Editor's Note: Johnson finished 4 out of his last 5 title bouts. Bagautinov, who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, made it to the final bell.)

"I just don't know what they want. These are my questions I answer back," he said. "Those who are like ‘dude, you're just f***ing short, I don't like watching short people fight,' well I can't help you there, bro. This is how God made me and I hope you enjoy watching the big men fight."

Johnson has won 8 straight bouts and is undefeated at flyweight, where he has served as one of the most active champions in the UFC. His only loss in the past 5 years was a close decision back when he was still competing against bigger men at 135 lbs, and it was against a dominant champion in Dominick Cruz.

He's smart, technical, dominates everyone in his path, has a good personality, and obviously has the overall resume as well. For some reason though, Johnson just hasn't connected very well with most MMA fans. As DJ says, what more does he have to do?