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Video: Chris Weidman on the time Floyd Mayweather tried to steal his teammate's girlfriend

Watch Chris Weidman tell a funny story on how Floyd Mayweather tried to make a move on his teammate's girl.

Last June, UFC champ Chris Weidman met boxing star Floyd Mayweather at a pool party in Las Vegas. Apart from donning a Louis Vuitton towel while constantly bragging about his wealth, apparently 'Money' also did other notable stuff. According to the middleweight champ, Mayweather also tried to make a move at fellow UFC fighter Aljamain Sterling's girl on that day.

"I was with Floyd Mayweather, in the middle of talking. All he is doing is talking about how much money and cars and planes he owns, then all of a sudden he stops talking," Weidman said on a recent periscope session. "He just stops and was just looking up into the sun."

"I'm like, 'what the hell is he doing?' I look up and it's like a silhouette of this angel. You can see the hair, and she's like sparkling in the sun. It ends up being that he was staring at Aljamain's girlfriend," he continues. "He then gets his security guards to go and get (her)."

"I'm like 'is he really doing that in front of me? Is he really trying to get guys to get my boy's girlfriend?'"

"But basically Aljamain stood up for himself. He said 'I'm 11-0 in MMA, and you're only... 48-0 in boxing. And MMA is better than boxing so I can beat you up, so don't you dare take my girlfriend!'" Weidman said, jokingly reenacting the situation. "and Mayweather was like, 'this dude is for real', so Mayweather just backed down. He was just too tough."

"But I tell you, the eye that his girlfriend was giving Mayweather, they were like meant to be. She was in love, but thank God, Aljamain stepped up!"

Weidman isn't the only UFC champ talking about boxing's biggest star. Ronda Rousey recently took a shot at Floyd after her ESPYs win by bringing up his domestic violence history.

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