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Video: Urijah Faber and Conor McGregor had another altercation at TUF gym

Urijah Faber says he had another backstage altercation with Conor McGregor.

Prior to his UFC 189 title win, Conor McGregor had a bit of a scuffle with Urijah Faber backstage. Both fighters have since been picked to coach The Ultimate Fighter 22, and it looks like it didn't take long before this 'combustible' couple had another altercation in the TUF house.

"That was completely off the cuff. I don't even know what it was," Faber told Jonathan Shrager of the UG about the first backstage incident. "I talked to Conor about it, too and was like, 'what was that?' and he was like, 'uh, I don't know.' It started out kind of playing and it turned out to what it was and that's exactly it."

"That happened again a couple of days ago. They didn't have any cameras on us. We were giving each other crap and the next thing you know we're testing each other a little bit. Then we're like manhandling each other. It always ends with him getting pissed off."

"He likes them until the end, when he's getting manhandled. Then he doesn't like it. The last one was kind of funny. His (coach) Tom had to come in and be like, 'alright guys, let's break it up.' I feel like it was all in good fun for the most part. We both like to fight. That's what we do."

Faber was then asked what McGregor 'felt like' during these multiple altercations. The first one had Faber comparing him to junior high girls, but now was a bit different.

"When he was cutting weight, he felt horrible. (Now) he felt okay, when we've had interactions," he said. "I think he's definitely best at a distance with his structure. We saw that with Chad. He's a tough guy."

"I think it'll probably happen at some point," Faber said about a potential bout against McGregor. "Honestly, it's pretty hard to get under my skin and he seems to be okay himself so we'll see how it goes. We've already started the banter back and forth and I think people will want to see that fight."

While there has already been multiple altercations between the two, Faber says none of it is personal.

"I like him alright. There's things about everyone that gets on people's nerves, but he seems like a decent guy. I really like his mentality. I think the only reason he's where he is, is because of his mentality. It's the same with guys like me, Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo and T.J. Dillashaw, he has that championship mentality and I can appreciate that."

"Is he a little full of himself? I mean look, I know a lot of wealthy guys, and he's really not a wealthy guy yet. He went from really wanting it so bad, to pretending, to starting to get a little bit of it, but settle down, bro."

MMA Hour: Urijah Faber on his backstage face-to-face with Conor McGregor

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