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Belfort waiting for Bisping if he 'wants another kick, punch, etc.'

Michael Bisping is looking to avenge some his losses to past PED users. One notable name on his list is Vitor Belfort, who KO'd "The Count" back in 2013.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bisping has a couple wins under his belt again, and as such, he's starting to think thoughts of revenge. Most notably, thoughts of getting back losses to the various PED users he's faced over his career. After defeating Thales Leites on Saturday night in the UFC's debut trip to Glasgow, Scotland, Bisping was straight forward in his desire for future fights.

"They're all taking testosterone replacement therapy, they're taking steroids, they're using their backsides like a dartboard. They're cheating, scumbag motherf**kers. I would love to face them on a fair playing field."

Of course, principal among the fighters "The Count" has set his sights on is former UFC light heavyweight champion and long, long time veteran Vitor Belfort. Belfort was one of the sports more notable TRT users at the time that he wheel kicked Bisping into the ether, but with the recent ban on TRT use and new harsher drug testing regimens a second fight between the two men may be a different affair.

That didn't stop Belfort from stepping up to the plate and offering to separate Bisping from his senses a second time, though, as he posted as much on Instagram:

"Some MANY fighters figured out that speaking bad things about others they can get their shot. I have been fighting for 19 years and have never needed to do that, I show my service inside the Octagon. Today some guys talk about me if I have or don't have TRT, and don't understand that every time they open their mouth to talk about me I get more sponsors and partners (nothing should be personal it is all about business). By the way, I got my 2 world title in UFC with no TRT. So if this guy from the pic wants another kick, punch etc. I am in!!! Let's shut their big mouth!!! #letsshuttheirmouth #realsport #talklessfightmore"

With Bisping's second straight win over ranked competition, he's in a strange position of being a sensible matchup for other ranked fighters, while still not having shown himself to be competitive against the top few. Of course, after almost two years on the sidelines, a massive overhaul of drug testing regulations, and a loss to Chris Weidman under his belt, it's not all that clear just where Vitor stands in the division right now. Maybe Bisping vs. Belfor II makes more sense than it first seemed.