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UFC Glasgow: Michael Bisping vs. Thales Leites full fight video highlights

Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC: Glasgow main event between Michael Bisping and Thales Leites.

The UFC's fourth event in a week's span ended with a five-round battle between Michael Bisping and Thales Leites.

Check out the play-by-play for the final round below:

Round 5: Leites backing Bisping up. Firing hard. Bisping circles off the cage. Rinse, repeat. They trade. Both land. Bisping jabs. Leites coming forward. Lands an uppercut, eats a counter. Leg kicks traded. Leites lands a left hook as Bisping tries to circle out. Bisping with a right. Leites backs Bisping up with a hard punch. Leites walks him down. Lands a hard combination. Bisping bounces off the cage again. Leites charges in, eats some jabs. Bisping wins another exchange. Another. Leites charges in but misses with a combo. Bisping circles away. Bisping look sharp at the end. Leites lands a big left hook. Another sharp shot lands on the Brit. Bisping throws a knee. A spinning back kick. Very very hard round & fight to score. I have to give this one to Bisping 10-9. That's 48-47 on my card. We'll see what the judges think.