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Photo: Michael Bisping: 'I lost half my toe by the looks of it'

Michael Bisping's toe ripped during his UFC bout against Thales Leites.

Screen Grab via Bloody Elbow

Michael Bisping was limping considerably following his 5 round bout against Thales Leites, and it doesn't seem to be from all those hard leg kicks he took in the fight. According to the Brit, his movement was hampered when the skin ripped from his toe. Check out a photo of his foot above.

Bisping went on to defeat Leites by split decision. Here's a snippet from the play-by-play of the event:

Round 4: Leites comes out hard. Bisping escapes a clinch and attempt to take his back. Bisping firing and landing. Dragging his lead leg from the leg kicks. Leites lands a hard counter. Has Bisping backing up. The Brit circles off the cage. Bisping bounces back after eating a combo. Ref warns both men about open hands and eye pokes. Outside leg kick from Leites, checked. Inside leg kick from Bisping. Left hook from Bisping. Bisping handily outscoring Leites but the Brazilian is landing harder. Bisping superman punch countered. Bisping jabs. Leites cornering Bisping but not landing when he has the chance. 10-9 Bisping. Even after four on my card.

Round 5: Leites backing Bisping up. Firing hard. Bisping circles off the cage. Rinse, repeat. They trade. Both land. Bisping jabs. Leites coming forward. Lands an uppercut, eats a counter. Leg kicks traded. Leites lands a left hook as Bisping tries to circle out. Bisping with a right. Leites backs Bisping up with a hard punch. Leites walks him down. Lands a hard combination. Bisping bounces off the cage again. Leites charges in, eats some jabs. Bisping wins another exchange. Another. Leites charges in but misses with a combo. Bisping circles away. Bisping look sharp at the end. Leites lands a big left hook. Another sharp shot lands on the Brit. Bisping throws a knee. A spinning back kick. Very very hard round & fight to score. I have to give this one to Bisping 10-9. That's 48-47 on my card. We'll see what the judges think.

Official Result: Michael Bisping def. Thales Leites via split decision (48-47, 49-46, 47-48).