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Video: Ronda Rousey: Cris Cyborg will 'fall into obscurity without me'

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UFC champ Ronda Rousey says Cris Cyborg needs her more than she does.

Ronda Rousey is 11-0, and has completely dominated all comers including most of the top ranked women at 135 lbs. While just 28-years-old, she has already openly spoken about retirement in the past, and did so again ahead of her UFC 190 bout.

"Everyone who says 'you're running out of opponents', you better hope I don't because then I'll be done," Rousey told the media. "I have this idea in my mind that my final fight would be just beating the crap out of Cris Cyborg and then when Dana White puts the belt on me the last time, I can take it off and hand it back to him."

Dominant champs Rousey and Cyborg has both given various reasons for not facing each other throughout the years. While the UFC champ has stated that she hopes to eventually face her 145 lb Invicta counterpart, she's sticking to her guns and will not budge about the weight issues.

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"I hope [the fight happens], I really do, but it's entirely up to her. I'm not chasing her around. She's not entitled to have me chase her around. She's the fraud that got defamed. And if you can make 145 pumped full of steroids, you can get off of it and drop."

"If she doesn't step up, I can move on and do other things in my life. She's the one that's gonna fall into obscurity without me."

With many ventures outside MMA such as Hollywood movies or even another WWE stint, it is true that Rousey is the one who doesn't truly 'need' that fight. One can't also blame the self-made multi-millionaire for looking towards a future that doesn't involve getting punched in the face for a living, but for the fans' sake, hopefully she really does hang it up after that overdue super-fight.