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Jose Aldo didn't watch UFC 189, open to title fight with Conor McGregor in Ireland

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UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo comments on UFC 189 and how he's game to fight Conor McGregor in his home town.

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UFC 189 set the MMA world abuzz with excitement on July 11 - sending fans into a frenzy after Conor McGregor topped off a blockbuster card with an emotional triumph over Chad Mendes in the main event. The Twittersphere was rampant with UFC 189 activity: fans, fighters, analysts and promoters took to social media to celebrate the event, but Jose Aldo was nowhere to be seen.

The reigning champion has no interest in UFC events unless his Nova União teammates are competing. 'Scarface' spoke to the Brazilian media on Thursday.

"It's funny. When my friends aren't fighting, I don't even watch it," Aldo said. "‘Dede' talked to me about it, said it's cool, that it was a good fight for us. He saw his game, that Chad was winning while he had gas, and that they shouldn't have stopped the fight. But when I'm not fighting, I don't read or watch anything."

The Irish whippersnapper overcame adversity against Chad Mendes and rallied to score a scintillating TKO in the dying stages of the second round. After authoritatively strapping the interim featherweight title around his waist, McGregor claimed that Jose 'went running' in the post-fight interview and demanded the Brazilian to fight on his own terms.

Aldo has no problem with defending the title against McGregor in foreign territory.

"This was one of the biggest fights in the history, and we had all the promotion, everything that was needed. I've never been through something like this, especially for a fight that everybody wanted to see. This fight would bring a lot of money. [Ireland] would be great, I don't see any problem with that. They can say whatever they want. If they don't say it in Portuguese, I won't understand a word, so I don't care."

Three of Aldo's championship defenses have took place in his home town of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - while Conor McGregor has fought in Ireland once and has ambitions of selling out Croke Park - an Irish football stadium serving a capacity of 82,300.

McGregor is set to coach opposite Urijah Faber for the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter -- airing on September 9th -- while Jose Aldo undergoes the necessary procedures to fully heal his injured rib.

(Transcripts via MMAFighting)