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Jose Aldo on injury controversy: 'Dana White is not a doctor. He can say whatever he wants'

Jose Aldo does not care what Dana White has to say about his rib fracture that kept him from facing Conor McGregor at UFC 189.

Jose Aldo and Dana White
Jose Aldo and Dana White
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Still nursing a fractured rib which kept him from defending his featherweight title against Conor McGregor at UFC 189, Jose Aldo openly spoke about his injury today at a press conference at Upper, a gym in Rio de Janeiro where some Nova Uniao athletes also train.

While some were led to believe his injury wasn't as serious as a fracture, as UFC president Dana White stated, Aldo claimed it would be better if White would just keep doing his job, leaving the medical charts to the professionals.

"I was hurt, I have nothing to say. You can look at my x-rays if you want to. I showed them everything, x-rays, cat scans, videos, you name it," Aldo told Combate. "Sometimes things get lost in translation. Dana knew I was hurt. He's not a doctor, he's the UFC president, he promotes fights. Who can tell if I'm hurt or not should be someone who knows what they're talking about. Many doctors saw what happened. He can say whatever he wants."

Jose Aldo feels like he could get back in the gym in two more weeks, but there are still exams that need to be evaluated in order to establish a timetable for the champion's return.