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Frank Mir says 'emotions got the better' of him during reckless brawl with Todd Duffee

After the stunning KO over Todd Duffe, Frank Mir explains his aggressive approach to the fight.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Mir racked up his second straight knockout victory in a row last night, when he buried Todd Duffee face first with a crushing counter-left hand at UFC Fight Night San Diego. Until the final blow, Mir and Duffee have been trading punches in reckless fashion -- something, few would have expected from Mir against a dangerous knockout artist like Duffee.

"I was trying to be more intelligent, but today my emotions got the better of me leading up to the fight. I just bit down on my mouthpiece and wanted to make a statement," Mir said at the post-fight press conference. "I kept hearing 'old' and 'crafty', so I guess I was kind of dumb tonight and just decided to show 'young' and 'brash'."

Mir, who also refused to shake Duffee's hand at the beginning of the fight, succeeded with his aggressive style, despite getting tagged in some of the exchanges. The main reason for this success might be his rejuvenated training with the likes of former boxing-world champion Bermane Stiverne. The 14-year UFC veteran and two-time former champion Mir, at age 36, looks like a completely new-born fighter in 2015.

"I think heavyweights mature later in life", he smiled at the presser. "You see it even in college wrestling, you don't see a lot of freshmen in the heavyweight division become NCAA champions, like you do in the other weight classes. So you see it a lot of times that we come upon ourselves older."

Which means, we journalists can keep one question to ourselves in the foreseeable future.

"Hopefully, I don't have to answer anymore 'If-I-gonna-retire' questions. Maybe we can end that for a little while."

You can watch the whole presser here. The Mir part starts around 4:20.