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UFC Video: Boxing champ Holly Holm showcases kicks, picks apart Marion Reneau

Watch full fight highlights from Holly Holm's win over Marion Reneau.

One of the most decorated female boxing champs in history showcased a different arsenal at her last UFC bout. As she took on Marion Reneau, Holly Holm showed a diverse striking game that had her throwing kicks in very high volume to control distance and pick apart the more experienced MMA fighter.

Watch the clip above that show highlights on a bout where Holm used her boxing simply as a tool to set up her countless kicks that were thrown.

Although she hasn't lived up to the insane, and somewhat unfair, hype she had coming into the UFC, Holm has really shown a tremendous striking skills in the cage so far. I'm personally looking forward to seeing her against higher caliber contenders.

Here's a recap of the contest from our live blog of the event:

Round 2 - Oblique kick from Holm. Inside leg kick from Reneau. Holm with the head kick. Missed with a superman punch. Hard leg kick from Holm. They clinch, but separate quickly. They exchanged hard body kicks. Holm with a combo and body kick. Reneau with a body kick. Holm with a straight left. Two body kicks for Reneau, two harder ones from Holm. Holm caught a body kick but Reneau jumped guard. Holm dumped her off and kicked at her legs. 10-9 Holm.

Round 3 - Side kicks from Holm. Two oblique kicks. Reneau caught a kick and landed a body kick of her own. Holm with a nice step-in uppercut. Reneau with a jab, but Holm responded with a nice combo. Slapping leg kick from Holm. Holm with some pressure and Reneau went down, but she was just pushed. She ate a body kick on the way up. Two big leg kicks from Holm. She's taking over. Reneau with a front kick. Holm with a left hook and a kick. Reneau clinched and jumped guard again. She immediately went for a takedown when she was slammed to the mat but Holm easily backed out. Holm pressing now. Big kicks and tons of punches to the horn. 10-9 and 30-27 Holm.

Holly Holm defeated Marion Reneau by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28)