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Highlights: Frank Mir KOs Todd Duffee with vicious left hand at UFC Fight Night: San Diego

Check out the highlights for the UFC” San Diego main event between Frank Mir and Todd Duffee

The UFC Fight Night: San Diego culminated with a heavyweight fight between Frank Mir and Todd Duffee, which saw the former two-time champion KO his much younger opponent in remarkable fashion 73 seconds into the fight.

Check out the play-by-play below:

Round 1 - Both men throwing right away. Mir with two nice lefts and Duffee is stunned. But he's right back and he hurt Mir with a left. They're just throwing bombs! Mir with a big knee. Duffee with a jab that hurts Mir! Mir fires back with the left and Duffee is out cold! That was a street fight and it was awesome!