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UFC Fight Night 71 main event result: Frank Mir knocks Todd Duffee out cold

Check out the result of the main event of UFC Fight Night in San Diego between Frank Mir and Todd Duffee in a five-round heavyweight collision.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The closing fight at UFC Fight Night: Duffee vs. Mir in San Diego was, of course, the heavyweight main event between Todd Duffee and former champion Frank Mir. At stake was a place in the top 10 for Duffee, while Mir looked to remain relevant in the upper crust of the division.

Both men started swinging early. An all-out slugfest in the first 30 seconds. Mir hurt Duffee multiple times over with the left hand and then right hands and knees. Duffee withstood the onslaught and then returned fire but Mir ate his best shots. Duffee threw a wide right hand and got CRUSHED with a left hand counter that made Todd Duffee fall like a tree had just been chopped down by a lumberjack.

Official Result: Frank Mir (18-9) def. Todd Duffee (9-3) via KO (punch) at 1:13 of round 1

Mir continues the late resurgence with another KO victory in the 1st round. It's a devastating loss for Duffee and his 3rd KO defeat in as many losses.

Stay tuned for more UFC Fight Night: Duffee vs. Mir post-fight coverage and analysis of this card throughout the night and into Thursday.