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Andrade suggests publicizing sexual orientation could be tougher burden for male fighters

UFC women’s bantamweight Jessica Andrade discusses homosexuality in MMA and how it differs for men and women.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Although Jessica Andrade is quite open about her sexuality as a lesbian female fighter, she is aware that it may not be as easy for a male counterpart to come out openly while competing in MMA.

Andrade, who holds a 3-2 record in the UFC and is scheduled to Sarah Moras in Wednesday night's San Diego fight card, never had an issue with presenting herself honestly, even though she is aware that many are yet to accept it.

"I've always made it very clear that I'm a homosexual," Andrade told MMAjunkie. "I like women. But that's never affected me when fighting or in my personal life. I think that every interaction, in or out of fighting, is an opportunity to show that we are normal people. Our behavior isn't defined by our sexuality. My way of communicating and caring for people, will always be the same. Being attracted to the same gender doesn't really make us different.

"Being a homosexual doesn't mean that I expect people to see things my way. Everyone is entitled to their own way of understanding things. If people want to mistreat me, that's fine. I choose to continue being the same affectionate person I've always been, though it does seem like the world is changing in regards to how people view homosexuals."

However, while Andrade is comfortable with publicizing her own sexual orientation, she is well aware that other, particularly male counterparts, may not want to handle it in a similar fashion.

"I don't know about male homosexuals in MMA, but I know that gay women tend to fight hard because we aren't worried about being judged," she said. "We're just concerned with doing a good job. People don't care as much anymore.

"When it comes to men, that fear of being out is still there. I hope when a guy comes out in the UFC, that he won't be afraid. It's difficult at first, but little by little people will understand. It gets better."

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