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Matt Brown is not pleased with the UFC's new drug testing policy

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UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown gives his take on the UFC's new drug testing policy.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC's new drug testing policy rolled out on July 1st and fighters have been vocal on the changes. Heavyweight contender Travis Browne think it's a bad idea, Daniel Cormier welcomes the change and welterweight slugger Matt Brown thinks it's not enough.

The new program, which will include random year-round drug tests for all fighters on the UFC roster, will punish first-time offenders with a two-year suspension. Brown doesn't think the punishment will be enough to deter fighters from using performance-enhancing drugs again.

"We found out that it was a two-year ban instead of a four-year, which to me is complete bulls--t," Brown fumed at UFC 189's media day. "I'm thinking maybe I'll start a petition for the UFC fighters. Maybe we can all band together and ask for a petition to ask to get a minimum four-year ban. Why would you not sign the petition? Unless you're juicing. I think it should be a lifetime ban."

As well as voicing his criticism over the penalties, 'The Immortal' also has concerns over the dangers associated with performance-enhancing drugs in the Octagon.

"I find it ludicrous that they have a f--king standard for every other sport except for the one where you can get f--king murdered in a cage," Brown said. "People do die doing this s--t, just not in the UFC people haven't yet fortunately. The day is going to come when it happens. We all know that. If it happens to someone who got beat by a known juicer, is that not gonna be more of an issue? I don't want to be the dead one, because a motherf--ker was sticking needles in himself all day."

Gilbert Melendez was one of the first fighters to feel the full wrath of the UFC's new drug testing program. 'El Niño' tested positive for an exogenous origin of testosterone metabolites after his scrap with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 188 and will face a one-year suspension.

Matt Brown sprang back into the winners column with a first-round guillotine choke over Tim Means this weekend at UFC 189. Brown saw an exceptional career resurgence after losing three straight in 2010. The 34-year-old bounced back with a seven-fight win streak but was close to reliving his 2010 ordeal after falling short to divisional studs, Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks.