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Comedian Bill Burr wants to root for Conor McGregor, 'but he's such a c*nt'

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American comedian Bill Burr sounds off on Conor McGregor.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It's not only his opponents Conor McGregor rubs the wrong way but fans, fighters, and even comedians sometimes find the Irishman's confrontational antics unpalatable. Conor McGregor not only attacked Mendes with punches, kicks, and elbows during the main event of UFC 189, but the brash Dubliner bombarded his American opponent with a slew of verbal insults inside the Octagon, too.

One spectator who was rooting for Chad Mendes to silence McGregor's sharp tongue at UFC 189 was stand up comedian, Bill Burr. The comic slammed McGregor in an expletive-laden rant on his Monday Morning podcast.

"Now I don't watch much UFC, I don't even know their f*****g names. I'm part Irish, and that guy's skipping around like a f*****g leprechaun talking all that s**t...It just f*****g annoyed me," Burr said. "Now I'm rooting for Barney Rubble, the Latino guy - that Mendes dude. So I'm watching this s**t and he's talking all this s**t and he's doing all that Roy Jones 'I'm gonna humiliate you while I beat you', which is of course making me root for the little fella. Even though that guy's a pasty f**k with red hair just like me - he's actually got a full head of hair the son of a b**ch. I wanna root for him, you know what I mean. I wanna root for this guy but he's such a c*nt."

McGregor, lauded for his promotional skills and trash talking ability has also unsettled his Brazilian nemesis, Jose Aldo. 'Scarface' exploded when McGregor swiped his featherweight belt in Dublin at the UFC world tour in March, and has vowed to 'smash' his Irish opponent when the two eventually meet in a title unification bout in the future.

In the meantime, Conor McGregor will coach the next series of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Team Alpha Male head coach, Urijah Faber. The Team Europe vs. Team America series will begin on September 9th and will allow time for Aldo to recover from his rib injury. It was also reported by McGregor's coach John Kavanagh that 'The Notorious' suffered a knee injury in the lead up to UFC 189.