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Frank Mir working his boxing for Duffee: 'The guy's fundamentals aren't there'

Frank Mir is getting geared up for his HW main event against Todd Duffee and it sounds like the biggest focus in his prep has been on working his boxing fundamentals, something he says Duffee just doesn't have.

Frank Mir is something of the classic heavyweight old guard in MMA, although to hear him say it, he considers himself on the young/middle-aged side at just 36. Still, he's been a UFC mainstay since 2001. One of the promotion's longest tenured veteran fighters. Now, in something of a rare move for the former champion, Mir is taking on something of a heavyweight on the rise, rather than another experienced veteran. It's not that Duffee lacks for time in the gym (he's been a pro since 2007), but as one of the rare heavyweights under 30, Duffee is a fighter that fans still think may have a lot of promise as a potential future talent in the division.

For Mir, however, it sounds like he sees more problems than promise in Duffee's game as he recently told Fight Hub TV:

"I think Todd Duffee is very explosive and he's a very powerful fighter. I think he fights with not-great boxing intricacies. The more I'm learning about boxing the more I realize, you know, he throws because he's a good athlete. And that has bonuses, obviously he lands a punch, he hits people, he hits them hard. But, that is a short lived way to fight. It takes a lot of energy, he has to be in phenominal shape. And I don't care how great a shape you're in, that's going to wear you out, to have to throw punches as explosively and as hard as he does with his body. He's not doing it structural, with frame. Most good boxers, watch him, you see where his head is over his knees, how he lunges in on things, they'll sit there and go 'Yeah the guy's fundamentals aren't there.'That's like being extremely fast. That's great in a football game, but you're going to get tired after a while because you're using so much muscular energy to move and do the things you're doing.

Where as, you see a Roy Jones Jr., who also is a world class athlete, but that guy could box for 36 rounds. You see a mayweather, who's a good athlete, is explosive and able to move, but because he's so structurally sound the guy could fight like that... I mean we could probably have the guy fight a two hour boxing match. Not because of being in phenominal shape... I mean, the guy is in shape, but it's because he's structurally sound. When he throws a shot and he moves his hips, his feet, everything's under him. So, his body is not as inefficient, he's not wasting energy."

Mir also talked about his own desire to step into the ring with a pair of 12oz gloves, hinting that he may be looking at offers to make a pro-boxing debut once his current UFC contract runs its course. And, adding a little fuel to current controversy, Mir talked about the differences between the UFC's treatment of Cain Velasquez and Jose Aldo, in regards to interim belts. So, check the whole thing out.

Frank Mir faces Todd Duffee in the main event of UFC Fight Night San Diego, on July 15th at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego California. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more pre, mid, and post fight coverage.