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Jose Aldo returning to training in two weeks, says he will 'smash' Conor McGregor

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UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo isn't far from returning to training, and he's ready to fight interim champ Conor McGregor.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

The featherweight saga in the UFC has completed one turbulent chapter, but still hasn't reached the climax. Champion Jose Aldo's removal from UFC 189 due to a rib injury has sparked a lot of backlash - from Conor McGregor, from fans, even from UFC president Dana White. With McGregor's huge win over replacement Chad Mendes on Saturday night, people are anxiously awaiting the Aldo/Conor matchup even more now. But how long will the champ be out?

He spoke to Brazilian radio show Rock Bola and stated that it won't be long. Two weeks until he can return to training, in fact. And he's ready for McGregor (via MMA Fighting):

We will run through him no matter when the fight happens, but his time will come," Aldo said. "When it does, you can be sure we will smash him."


"I’m still recovering, should be back to training in two weeks," he said. "I’ll do more exams. As soon as the doctor clears me, I’ll be back to training."

The timing of the bout could be further complicated by McGregor's injuries (he didn't give any details about them, just saying that he was banged up), and by his stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter against Urijah Faber. Will we see this fight before the end of the year? Hopefully. I can't wait for it.