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TUF 21 Finale Salaries: Masvidal leads the day with 100k payday

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UFC payed out $596,000 in reported salaries for their TUF 21 Finale. Jorge Masvidal and Jake Ellenberger were big earners. Check out all the numbers for Sunday's fight card.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Overshadowed on a major fighting weekend (and a continuing fighting week) it's time to put a close on the TUF 21 Finale from this Sunday with the commission reported salaries. Like UFC 189 the TUF Finale took place in Las Vegas, which means that the state department of public records is willing to release reported payouts from combat sporting events held on their soil. Jorge Masvidal walked away the big winner, with $102,000 of the total $596,000 the UFC put in their fighters pockets, and Jake Ellenberger ran a definite second at $73,000. Pulling into third were Stephen Thompson and Maximo Blanco, both around $40,000.

NOTE: As always, these numbers do not reflect sponsorship payments (although most of that is through Reebok now), locker room bonuses, PPV points, or any other supplemental payment fighters may receive for competing. Nor do they include taxes, manager/trainer fees, or other potential costs incurred by fighters during competition. These are just the baseline numbers that the UFC is guaranteed to be meeting when paying fighters for their fights. Nothing less, nothing more.

Stephen Thompson: $42,000 ($21k to win, $21k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Jake Ellenberger: $73,000

Kamaru Usman: $20,000 ($10k to win, 10k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Hayder Hassan: $10,000

Michael Graves: $20,000 ($10k to win, 10k to show)
Vicente Luque: $10,000

Jorge Masvidal: $102,000 ($51k to win $51k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Cezar Ferreira: $20,000

Michelle Waterson: $30,000 ($15k to win, $15k to show)
Angela Magana: $10,000

Maximo Blanco: $41,400 ($23k to win, $18,400 to show)*
Mike De La Torre: $17,600*

Josh Samman: $20,000 ($10k to win, $10k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Caio Magalhaes: $20,000

Jerrod Sanders: $20,000 ($10k to win, $10k to show)
Russell Doane: $11,000

Trevor Smith: $34,000 ($17k to win, $17k to show)
Dan Miller: $25,000

George Sullivan: $30,000 ($15k to win, $15k to show)
Dominic Waters: $10,000

Willie Gates: $20,000 ($10k to win, $10k to show)
Darrell Montague: $ 10,000

*Blanco was fined %20 of his purse for missing weight.