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Wanderlei asks fans if McGregor fight was fixed, makes video bashing 'big liar' Dana White

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Wanderlei Silva was not too convinced with how the main event of UFC 189 came to an end, and he also uploaded a video to support Jose Aldo and bash the UFC.

Wanderlei Silva has spoken up again. The former fighter had been sort of quiet for a while after his controversial retirement and drug testing problems with the Nevada Athletic Commission and the UFC. However, all of that changed starting yesterday. All because of UFC 189.

First, Silva tweeted a couple of comments on the card's main event, which featured Conor McGregor knocking out Chad Mendes to become the interim featherweight champion in a fashion that made some believe the fight could have been fixed, so Wanderlei wrote quite the statement about fake fights and the WWE.

Afterwards, he asked his followers in his native Portuguese if they thought the fight was indeed fixed in their opinion.

"Was the fight fixed? What do you guys think? If it was, then we have really reached the end of the line", said Silva.

But the icing on the cake really came today, when Wanderlei uploaded another one of his videos where he harshly bashed the UFC, Dana White and the MMA media as well, and praised Jose Aldo for standing up for what he believes in. He also provided English-language subtitles as the entire rant was in Portuguese. Among the highlights, he called Dana White a "liar" regarding Aldo's injury and also criticized the media over their handling of the story.

Check it out in the video at the top of the page.