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Urijah Faber chosen to coach TUF 22 vs. Conor McGregor because they're 'combustible', great for TV

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The UFC explains the reason behind choosing Urijah Faber over other contenders such as Frankie Edgar to coach against Conor McGregor on the next Ultimate Fighter.

Photo by Paolo Tabuena

It was recently announced that Conor McGregor will be coaching a cast of 8 European lightweights on the next season of TUF. A rival team of 8 Americans will go against the newly crowned interim champion's crew, and a surprising choice of Urijah Faber has been selected to head the opposite team.

While it has been stated that Faber and McGregor aren't going to fight after the season ends, many have asked why they didn't select a potential opponent instead, someone like Frankie Edgar.

"We've reviewed several different options, but at the end of the day, everybody knows what Urijah brings to the table," UFC PR head Dave Sholler said after the TUF 21 Finale. "From a coaching perspective -- that's not a knock on anyone -- he certainly thrives on the TUF format. I think when you look at him and you look at Conor together, it's combustible and should be for great TV."

Faber and McGregor recently had a scuffle prior to UFC 189, and that seemed to have played in a factor in their decision as well.

After winning the title this past weekend, McGregor has cited being tired from a long stretch of media obligations that had him spend just 19 days on his home in Dublin this year. Looks like he will be spending an extra few months at the Mac Mansion in Vegas, as the UFC confirmed that the TUF 22 taping already starts next week.