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Highlights: Stephen Thompson lands spinning head kick KO on Jake Ellenberger at TUF 21 Finale

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Check out the highlights for the TUF 21 main event between Stephen Thompson and Jake Ellenberger.

While the TUF 21 Finale was never supposed to amount to the spectacle that was UFC 189, the main event of the show managed to deliver some exceptional regulated violence in the form of a spinning head kick KO.

Check out the play by play below:

Round 1 - Thompson with a leg kick and a few misses. Straight left from Thompson stunned Ellenberger. Ellenberger waded in and cracked Wonderboy with a punch that dropped him! He's up quickly though. Thompson clinched up to get his head cleared. They scrapped in the clinch as Ellenberger stopped a takedown. Thompson hit a side kick to the face. Ellenberger went for a takedown but it got reversed. Thompson worked from Jake's back with a few punches. Ellenberger up. Two straight lefts from Thompson back Jake up. Spinning hook kick dropped Ellenberger! Holy crap! Thompson is trying to pound him out but Jake is up. He's wobbly though. Another spinning hook kick puts Ellenberger down again and it's over. That was insane.