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UFC video: Caio Magalhaes spits blood at Josh Samman following TUF 21 Finale loss

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A poor display of sportsmanship on the part of UFC middleweight Caio Magalhaes was caught on camera.

In the headlining preliminary card bout of The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale in Las Vegas, UFC middleweight and Bloody Elbow staff writer Josh Samman turned in an impressive showing, submitting the slightly favored Caio Magalhaes in the 1st round with a rear-naked choke. Magalhaes was bloodied by a hard jab and his face was covered in blood at the time of the submission. What took place after the fight, however, drew the ire of some fans.

As you can see in the video at the top of the page, Samman tries to shake hands with Caio, but Magalhaes opted to spit his blood at Samman instead. Referee John McCarthy forced Magalhaes against the cage after this incident as fans booed the behavior.

Read Tim Burke's play-by-play of the fight:

Round 1 - Low leg kick from Samman. Another. And a third. Front kick. Magalhaes hasn't done a thing a minute in. Hard body kick for Samman but Caio scored with a left in return. Body kick and some pressure from Samman. Well-timed leg kick chops Magalhaes to the ground and Samman jumped into his guard. Magalhaes bleeding. Body shots from Samman, who moved Caio over to the cage. Samman takes his back, but he's a bit high. Magalhaes stands up but Samman stays on him and sinks the choke! He falls back and Magalhaes taps! BE's Josh Samman with the submission win!

According to Samman, when they stared down at yesterday's weigh-ins, he offered to shake Caio's hand but Caio replied with "I'll give you something to shake", and your imagination can lead you to the most likely intention of that remark.

It appears that Magalhaes has reached out and tried to patch things up, and also gave him congratulations on Twitter.