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TUF 21 Finale live results and play-by-play for main card

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Bloody Elbow will provide live updates and analysis for the TUF 21 Finale main card. In the main event, Jake Ellenberger takes on Stephen Thompson in a welterweight battle.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale is probably not going to live up to the excitement of last night's epic UFC 189 card, but it will try. Today's event from the MGM is welterweight-heavy on the main card, with the top four fights all being contested in the 170-pound division.

The main event will see Jake Ellenberger trying to maintain his spot in the top 10 of the UFC rankings as he takes on the streaking Stephen Thompson. Also featured on the card is the TUF 21 Final, a battle between a former middleweight and a former lightweight, and the debut of a former Invicta champ.

We'll cover the main card in this post. The main card will feature six fights and will be aired on Fox Sports 1. This portion of the card kicks off at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1 - Thompson with a leg kick and a few misses. Straight left from Thompson stunned Ellenberger. Ellenberger waded in and cracked Wonderboy with a punch that dropped him! He's up quickly though. Thompson clinched up to get his head cleared. They scrapped in the clinch as Ellenberger stopped a takedown. Thompson hit a side kick to the face. Ellenberger went for a takedown but it got reversed. Thompson worked from Jake's back with a few punches. Ellenberger up. Two straight lefts from Thompson back Jake up. Spinning hook kick dropped Ellenberger! Holy crap! Thompson is trying to pound him out but Jake is up. He's wobbly though. Another spinning hook kick puts Ellenberger down again and it's over. That was insane.

Stephen Thompson defeated Jake Ellenberger by KO (spinning hook kick), 4:29 of round 1

Hayder Hassan vs. Kamaru Usman

Round 1 - Usman clinched up quickly. Usman looked for a takedown but Hassan rolled through. Knees from Usman. Usman with a nice takedown but Hassan got up to his knees. Usman took his back with one hook and landed some punches. He got up too high and had to give it up. He got another takedown right away though. On the back once again. Usman is all over him, not giving Hassan any space. 10-9 Usman.

Round 2 - Hassan ran out and hurt Usman immediately. He landed two more bombs, but got overaggressive and was taken down. He's setting up an arm triangle against the cage. He didn't even have to pop out to the side and Usman was in trouble. He got the tap! Wow, that's some power.

Kamaru Usman defeated Hayder Hassan by submission (arm-triangle choke), 1:19 of round 2

Michael Graves vs. Vicente Luque

Round 1 - They throw down immediately and Graves gets a takedown. Luque got up but Graves clubbed him with an elbow. Graves pushed him back against the fence for a bit. Graves with a spinning back kick. Luque with a nice combo but got taken down again. Luque back up. Graves with a knee and a right. Hard leg kick from Graves. Luque with a nice straight left and a knee to the body. Another big double leg takedown from Graves. 10-9 Graves.

Round 2 - Another takedown early. Graves landed an illegal knee but referee Yves Lavigne didn't take a point. Nice combo from Luque off the restart. Luque with a jab but Graves with a single leg takedown. He couldn't get Luque to his back but held him agianst the cage on his butt. They stayed there for a looong time. Luque got back to his feet but put an annoying hand on the ground again to avoid a knee. 10-9 Graves.

Round 3 - Luque with a nice right. Graves dove in for a takedown but got pancaked. Luque looked for a front choke. He transitioned to a D'Arce choke. They've been in the same spot for close to two minutes now. Luque kneeing the shoulders. Make that three minutes. Finally Graves reversed with 90 seconds to go and worked from the top. Luque got up, but got put down again. 10-9 Luque, but 29-28 Graves.

Michael Graves defeats Vicente Luque by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cezar Ferreira vs. Jorge Masvidal

Round 1 - Body kick from Ferreira. And another. Mutante ducked a punch and got a nice takedown. Masvidal got up after about a minute and landed a left. Nice right connects for Gamebred. Mutante in on another takedown. They worked in the clinch for a while. Mutante exited with an elbow over the top. Another takedown stuffed by Gamebred. Masvidal dropped him with a short elbow and a right! Five straight punches on the ground and Mutante is out!

Jorge Masvidal defeated Cezar Ferreira by KO (strikes), round 1

Angela Magana vs. Michelle Waterson

Round 1 - Magana clinched up immediately. Few knees against the cage. Waterson with a beautiful throw. She pushed Magana's head against the cage but couldn't get much going. Magana looked for an armbar from the bottom. It's in really deep but Waterson won't tap. They stayed i the same position for a long time before she finally escaped. Knee from Waterson. Another hip toss from Waterson, and she moved to mount. She lands a right. She went for her armbar but Magana escaped. Back to mount. Tough to score, but I'll lean Karate Hottie. 10-9 Waterson.

Round 2 - Waterson tagging Magana on the feet immediately. She dropped her but didn't follow up. Magana tried to close the distance but couldn't. Waterson with a big right. Huge knees to the body in the clinch from Waterson. Magana caught a kick and jumped into Waterson's guard. Waterson went for an armbar quickly and stretched out. She gave up the armbar but transitioned to mount. Magana tried to buck her off but couldn't. She ate a gaggle of punches to the face. Back to half guard. Magana turned an attempted cruicifix from Waterson into a leg lock, but it wasn't enough to get up. Another armbar attempt. 10-9 Waterson.

Round 3 - Two short left hooks from Waterson. A high kick wobbled Magana. Leg kick and body kick. Straight left and a front kick. Magana finally responded with a leg kick. Waterson spun around back and dropped Magana right on her dome. Waterson took back mount and opened up with punches. Finally she got the arm under the chin and forced the tap out of Your Majesty.

Michelle Waterson defeated Angela Magana by submission (rear naked choke), 2:38 of round 3

Maximo Blanco vs. Mike De La Torre

Round 1 - Blanco clubbed De La Torre with a straight and he's down. He appears to be okay, but the referee jumped in and it's over. Blanco did land another shot, but that was a pretty terrible stop.

Maximo Blanco defeated Mike De La Torre by TKO (strikes), :16 of round 1