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UFC 189: Conor McGregor: I'm a different animal, I don't feel it when featherweights hit me

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Conor McGregor says he was never in trouble and doesn't feel it when featherweights hit him.

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When Conor McGregor stopped Chad Mendes at UFC 189, he beat what a lot of naysayers have been saying would be his kryptonite -- wrestlers. The Irishman indeed got takendown multiple times by Mendes, but he got the win and feels like he was never really in trouble.

"I feel if it's a fight to the death between two men, and there's no clock, the takedown doesn't matter," McGregor stated. "It's the efficient fighter who will prevail. I never bothered with the (wrestler) question. I know what I could do, the team knew."

"Besides me, (Mendes) is probably #2, the hardest hitter in the division. He's certainly the best wrestler in the division. But honestly, they try and find holes, or questions that I have yet to answer, something that's gonna break me. The weight cut, the wrestler, there's always something but I always prevail."

Mended landed some big shots throughout their bout, but he says it wasn't anything that he felt concerned with too much.

"I can walk through everything. He hit me maybe one or two times but I felt absolutely nothing," McGregor claimed. "He cut me above the eye (when I was) on the bottom with an elbow, but other than that, they were glancing blows. I was speaking to him, and I knew I was being efficient; That when I had the chance, I was going to crack him with everything I got."

"I never felt in danger. I spoke to him through every single exchange. Told him that it was nothing and you’re against a different animal now"

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Mendes somewhat confirm these statements as well.

"I would think (that he should be weakening from my punches), but you’ve got to give it to him. He didn’t stop talking shit the entire time," Mendes said during the post-fight press conference. "I was hitting him with everything I’ve got, and the guy was still running his mouth!"

"I landed a giant elbow on his face, and he's like ‘is that all you’ve got?’"

As McGregor explains, he is confident not only in his abilities, but with his chin and power. So much so that Conor believes he can take any shot they throw at him, and the opponent wouldn't be able to do the same.

"I don’t feel nothing when all these featherweights hit me. I feel like a concrete block," he said.