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Conor McGregor: Jose Aldo is a distant memory, he doesn't deserve to be spoken about

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Conor McGregor says there's no point in talking about Jose Aldo, who decided not to 'show up' at UFC 189.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor beat Chad Mendes during the 2nd round of their highly entertaining bout at UFC 189. 'The Notorious' took home with him the interim featherweight title, and when asked about a unification bout against Jose Aldo, he dismissed the idea.

"Tonight, I will toast good business. I said I would KO him within 2 rounds. I put a friendly wager with my business partners, and I succeeded," McGregor said. "I'm going to put Jose at a distant memory right now."

"I don't think he deserves to be spoken about here. He didn't show up," he continued. "This was the event that we built, and he should have made that walk. I thank Chad for making that walk for showing up, but in my opinion Jose is done."

"If it comes around, we'll discuss it then, but right now this is my night. This is Ireland's night. SBG, my family, this is our night."

McGregor criticized Aldo for not going through the fight because of a rib injury, noting on his had several nagging pains as well during camp that had him spending time with a physical therapist often.

"When Jose pulled out and didn't mention nothing about the fans, and starts supporting Chad like weird little buddies, that left a bad bad taste in my mouth," he said. "I couldn't do that. I showed up. I respect the people who sacrificed their money and their time."

"I'm just going to leave that in the past," McGregor responded, when asked about the specifics of his injuries. "I don't even see a point in bringing that up. Just know that I had a hell of a lot more wrong with me than a bruised rib, and I still showed up."