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UFC 189 Results: Rory MacDonald was up 39-37 on scorecars before Robbie Lawler's finish

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Check out the official scorecards for the co-headliner between Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Robbie Lawler delivered a fantastic performance against Rory MacDonald in a back and forth bout at UFC 189. As he defended his UFC title, it ended up as an instant classic and one of the best title fights in a long time. With seconds remaining on the clock, Lawler finished the fight that apparently MacDonald was winning handily on the score cards.

He was up 3 rounds to 1 before landing the finishing blow that broke MacDonald's nose even further. Check out the scores below.

Adalaide Byrd, Derek Cleary, and Sal D'Amato all had Lawler winning just the 2nd round, with Rory winning the 1st, 3rd and 4th stanzas of their championship bout. It makes the late comeback all the more dramatic as MacDonald clearly would've been crowned as the new champion if he survived for a few seconds longer.