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UFC 189 Results: Thomas Almeida vs. Brad Pickett full fight video highlights

Check out the highlights for the main card feature fight between Thomas Almeida and Brad Pickett.

The opening fight on the main card featured a stunning second round knockout courtesy of Thomas Almeida, who defeated Brad Pickett via flying knee.

Check out the play-by-play below:

Round 1 - Pickett pawing with a jab. Almeida missed with some hard shots. Pickett's quickness is allowing him to land and evade early. Pickett with a hard left hook. Kick from Almeida. Pickett dropped him with a right hook! A knee put him down again! Almeida with a leg lock! Almeida back to his feet. Elbow from Pickett and Almeida's face is busted up. Inside leg kick from Almeida. Pickett scoring with the counter left hook at will. Now Almeida drops Pickett with a step-in elbow! Pickett with a takedown and now they're back up. Pickett with a short left hook again. Spinning elbow. Another spinning elbow that landed from Almeida! This fight is pretty awesome, folks. Right hook for Almeida, just missed with the follow-up left. Three-punch combo from Almeida, another counter left hook from Pickett. Huge knee from Almeida! Another big shot from Pickett! Big combo from Almeida at the horn. Maybe one of the rounds of the year so far. 10-9 Pickett.

Round 2 - Jumping knee from Pickett. Almeida landed a left and scored with a step-in knee THAT KNOCKED PICKETT OUT! THAT WAS AMAZING!