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UFC 189 press conference complete audio: Conor McGregor, Chad Mendes, Robbie Lawler, Rory MacDonald

Conor McGregor, Chad Mendes, Robbie Lawler and Rory Macdonald and UFC PR boss Dave Sholler field questions from the media in the UFC 189 Media Conference Call.

Conor McGregor had a little bit to say about Jose Aldo (via MMA Fighting):

"I've been contemplating it since long before the rib injury," McGregor said Wednesday on a media conference call. "Long before. As soon as the fight was announced, I've been contemplating it. I knew. Like I said before, the eyes never lie. Anytime I looked into that man's eyes, I saw fear. I saw glass. So I anticipated he would not show up, and when he got his opportunity to pull, he pulled."

"It's something I expected. But I don't blame the man. I was going to f--king butcher him. Rip him limb from limb. I probably wouldn't want to face that either, so it is what it is." If a man p--sies out, and he has p--sied out time and time again, he's pulled out of contests time and time again -- I mean, the medical reports state that he is fit to fight, so there's no more questioning," McGregor said of Aldo. "You're fit to fight, and you're not going to fight. The belt, rightfully, should be stripped and this is for the real featherweight belt."

"This is the McGregor show. People are showing up to see me. It doesn't matter whether it's Jose or Chad. It would've been nice if Jose didn't p---y out, but we'll take the substitute. We'll take the B-level guy and we'll still break records with this.

"It's the McGregor division now," McGregor said. "[Aldo] bottled it. He went running. It's on my call now. So if he wants to come back with his tail between his legs, that's no problem. He can come back. We can do a stadium in Dublin."

"But I don't know whether he will be back. Like I said, he's gone running, and I don't think he'll be back."