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Alpha Male's BJJ coach says Mendes will 'rub Conor's face against the cage' and 'beat him up'

Fabio Pateta is confident Chad Mendes will conquer the interim featherweight title while Conor McGregor will crumble under the pressure.

Chad Mendes
Chad Mendes
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Team Alpha Male is once again one step away from achieving UFC gold, as Chad Mendes prepares to face Conor McGregor for the interim featherweight title. The two men are now set to fight next week, on July 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada, following Jose Aldo's withdrawal due to injury. And though "The Notorious" remains as confident as ever, Fabio Pateta, Alpha Male's Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer begs to differ.

In fact, he had as much trash talk saved in his back pocket as Conor did throughout the buildup for UFC 189.

"Conor loves to talk. I know he doesn't like Chad, but that doesn't affect us. It's business as usual." Pateta told Combate. "On Saturday, Chad will be burning the Judas. Since Aldo can't do it, Chad will do it for him. I'm telling you, Chad will rub Conor's face against the cage and then he will beat him up, he will destroy him with ground and pound. He will lock Conor's hips and he will go ‘bye bye'. Conor needs to seize the moment to talk now, because once the fight is over, nobody will listen to what he has to say."

Not only is Pateta confident in Mendes' ability, but he also believes outside pressure will play a big factor for McGregor. With Mendes coming in on 15 days notice, he has much less to lose.

"All the pressure will be on Conor's shoulders, who has never faced a wrestler as skilled as Mendes. He will also have to adjust his training and he can't lose. If he does, all the money the UFC invested promoting this fight will go down the drain, not to mention a title unification bout with Aldo. McGregor can talk all he wants, but everything he has today is pressure on his shoulders."

Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes will still headline UFC 189 in Las Vegas on July 11, even though Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald will also fight for the welterweight title on the same card. Stay tuned for more news and updates.