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Georges St-Pierre returning? Coach says UFC anti-drug policy could be 'catalyst' for comeback

Starting today, the UFC's new and strict anti-doping program is in effect. That makes a GSP comeback more likely, says his coach Firas Zahabi.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Since Georges St-Pierre hung up his gloves in December 2013 for mysterious reasons, fans of the Canadian superstar were hoping for a comeback. Now his coach Firas Zahabi indicates, that the UFC' new anti-drug policy could be the initial spark for GSP's return to the Octagon:

"I think the steroid thing is something that was bothering him for a very long time, but it just came out," Zahabi told MMAjunkie. "It was just another reason why he wasn't interested in competing. Now that it seems to be getting more and more under control, I could see that as a catalyst to bringing him back. [...] He's always happy to hear that they're tightening the screws. He's a natural athlete. It's frustrating to him to do all that work, and some guys come in and can win possibly because he took a shortcut. It's deflating. I hope Georges comes back. I think there's a lot of fight in him left."

St-Pierre stated last year, that he would never return to professional fighting, unless the UFC finds a solution to their obvious problem with performance-enhancing drugs. One month ago, the world's leading MMA organization announced a new anti-drug policy, that is effective starting today. The former welterweight champion already praised the new policy as a "step in the right direction", but was still uncertain about a return, because the doping problem in the UFC was not the only reason "he decided to walk away from the sport."

"There was a lot of things he needed to balance out in his life, and I think that was the major issue personally from observing him; I think his life was too extreme," Zahabi said. "You can only be so disciplined for so long. You can only sacrifice time with friends and family for so long without feeling the need to connect. Don't forget our lives are moving on. We're having children, getting married, and he's just doing the same thing over and over again. I think he needed more personal time."