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Floyd Mayweather backtracks on dropping his titles

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Floyd Mayweather stated that he was going to drop all of his titles after beating Manny Pacquiao. Now, unsurprisingly, he has changed his mind and scuttled a title fight in the process.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It wouldn't be a normal day in the boxing world if Floyd Mayweather wasn't going back on something he said. Today's instance has to do with his titles. After beating Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, Floyd told reporters that he was going to relinquish all of his titles, including the WBO one he had just picked up from Manny. He stated that he was okay with his last fight (currently set for September) not being for a title, and that the younger guys deserve a shot at them.

So with that in mind, the WBO set up a fight between Timothy Bradley and Jesse Vargas for their welterweight title on June 26th. Seemed like a good idea, right?

Not so fast.

World Boxing News reports that Mayweather got his attorneys to file paperwork effectively blocking the fight from being for a title. Bad Left Hook explains exactly what the reasoning was:

In short, Mayweather's attorney petitioned the WBO to prevent them from allowing a fight for their world title until Mayweather has sufficient time to decide whether or not he really wants to vacate. The WBO responded by citing all of Mayweather's statements (indicating that he intended on vacating his titles), but ultimately gave him a July 3rd deadline to inform them of what he wants to do.

So Bradley/Vargas will go forward as a non-title bout, but the belt could be awarded to the winner if Floyd does indeed vacate the next week. Yeah, it's weird. But boxing is weird.