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Coach uncertain about Jones’ future: Jones is getting help for himself; fighting is secondary

Coach Mike Winkeljohn remains uncertain whether former champion Jon Jones will return to MMA.

Former UFC champion Jon Jones is currently faced with a legal battle following a hit-and-run that led to felony charges once it was revealed that Jones had struck a car with a pregnant lady inside and broken her arm in the process. To add to the severity of the situation, manager Malki Kawa later revealed that Jones was unsure whether he would return to fighting again.

While few expected Jones' UFC suspension to be a permanent one, it appears that the former pound-for-pound kingpin is yet to decide on his fighting future, according to coach Mike Winkeljohn.

"Everybody seems to forget other things, but at the end of the day it's about Jon Jones becoming the best person he can," Winkeljohn told Submission Radio. "The fighting is secondary. And we lose sight of it. A lot of people lose sight of that and stuff. So there's a possibility that he might not fight, there's a possibility he might fight. I know right now he's staying busy helping others in the gym and that's very important."

For now, Winkeljohn expects his student to continue his gradual effort to restore his life and take care of life's priorities. Once his own personal life and his family have been take care of, he may consider a return to the Octagon.

"I expect him just to continue doing what he's doing and that's take care of himself, do the right thing, take care of his family, and he is. I'm real happy on what he's being doing so far."

However, Winkeljohn remains optimistic that Jones will sort his life out and return to his reign atop the light-heavyweight roster.

"I'm looking forward to Jon turning his life around and becoming a better person. If he fights again or not, I'm not sure, but that's not important. What's real important right now is Jon getting help for himself and his family."

Transcription taken from Submission Radio.