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Show Money 5: All you need to know about the UFC and Golden Boy/Haymon lawsuits

The Show Money crew is all about combat litigation today. Al Haymon is allegedly a promotional predator, the UFC’s moving and the FTC’s sniffing. This and more on the only show solely dedicated to the business of MMA.

John, Jason, and Paul are in a combat litigation state of mind. Over in San Jose, a federal judge gave the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag to fighters in the UFC lawsuit. "Not in my house!" Why did it get kicked out of Northern California and is it dead in the water in Las Vegas? What in the world is the Federal Trade Commission doing snooping around MMA again when a private antitrust lawsuit is already underway? Why does Golden Boy hate Al Haymon? It may have something to do with their thinking he's a predatory tie-out artist who also happens to be violating the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.

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