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Heavy Hands 54: VIOLENCE with Carlos Condit and Mirsad Bektic

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Carlos Condit and Mirsad Bektic gave us some fine face-punching this week, and your hosts Connor and Pat are raring to break it down.

Heavy Hands!

If you've listened to Heavy Hands before, you know that Pat and myself haven't always been particularly fond of the technical prowess of Jackson-Winkeljohn fighters. We both agree, however, that Carlos Condit is among the finest fighters to have ever come out of Albuquerque's most prestigious MMA academy--and, in fact, he's one of the best in the world as a whole.

After discussing why Mike Winkeljohn's unique style might be so perfectly suited to Condit's strengths, we move on to Mirsad Bektic, one of UFC Goiania's other standouts, and discuss the nature of prospects in MMA.

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