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Rico Verhoeven: 'I'm going to be GLORY heavyweight champion for a long time'

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GLORY heavyweight champion Rico 'The Prince' Verhoeven spoke to Bloody Elbow in advance of his title defense against Romanian contender Benjamin Adegbuyi in the main event of GLORY 22 FRANCE.

Rico ‘The Prince' Verhoeven has made an impressive rise through the ranks of the GLORY heavyweight division.

From being a fresh young face in the 16-man GLORY 4 TOKYO tournament he has risen in skill, confidence and character to become an assured young champion of one of the hardest-hitting divisions in all of fight sports.

On Friday, June 5 he will make his second defense of the GLORY World Heavyweight Championship when he faces Romanian contender Benjamin Adegbuyi, who rides a three-fight win streak into this bout.

In this interview Verhoeven talks about bringing a high standard of technicality to the heavyweight division and confidently states, "I am going to be a champion for a very long time".