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Chael Sonnen just became a father to a baby boy; details plus a personality close-up

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Retired UFC superstar, Chael P. Sonnen has a brand new baby boy with wife Brittany. Get the details as well as some fun facts about Chael's high school years and how he landed his beautiful wife.

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Yesterday, retired UFC superstar and ESPN analyst, Chael Sonnen became a father. His lovely wife, Brittany delivered a healthy, 7 lb baby boy that they have named Thero Stephen Sonnen, as confirmed by Chael to Bloody Elbow. I did a little research of the name and found this via Wikipedia:

Thero (Sinhalese: ස්ථවිර, also called Thera, feminine form Theri) is an honorific term for higher ordained Buddhist monks in the Buddhist monastic order. The feminine term, Theri is used for higher ordained Buddhist nuns. The Pāli language term Thera translates to English as 'elder and venerable'. These terms which are used at the end of a monk or a nun's other names, are useful to distinguish Buddhist monastics from the lay people (upāsaka and upāsikā), who keep five precepts. The term Mahathera (feminine form : Mahatheri) is used sometimes to refer most elderly and venerable monks, who have reached a higher level of spiritual development. Usage of these terms varies according to the Buddhist tradition and culture. In Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist tradition, these terms are widely used.

*The above reference material was unsolicited research I did, and does not indicate how Chael and his wife chose their son's name.*

Recently, the Three Amigos Podcast conducted an interview with Sonnen, and got some fun content about a variety of topics that include:

  • Political leanings and views on the presidential race
  • If he regrets anything he's ever said during press junkets/interviews
  • What his high school and college years were like
  • Discussion of baby names
  • What his dating years were like and how he landed his wife
  • What movies he's seen recently and favorite actors
  • What books he likes to read

Here's the link to the audio. For the personality portion, skip to the 56:05 mark, or for those of you that want to listen to the whole interview, start at the 20 minute mark.

Bloody Elbow would like to extend a congratulatory handshake and an e-cigar to Chael on the birth of his son. You can follow Chael via his Twitter account, @Sonnench or his wife Brittany @BrittanySonnen or even young Thero @TheroSonnen