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Bellator releases Sokoudjou and 7 other fighters from their roster

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Bellator has confirmed that they have cut Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, as well as seven other fighters on their roster.

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It's pink slip time again, and eight fighters ended up on the list. In this latest edition of the Cutting Room Floor, Bellator is the organization that's been doing some spring cleaning. Typically, when we get a list of terminated employees, it comes from the UFC, as their roster is the largest, but with the growth of Bellator's roster, they've also had to start weeding out those athletes that may need more time on the regional circuit.

The list, confirmed to Bloody Elbow by a representative of Bellator, is as follows:

Rafael Silva: Bellator record 3-2, coming off a loss  / MMA record 22-5 / significant win: Robert Emerson

Antonio Duarte: Bellator record 0-1 / MMA record 18-6 / significant win: Ed West

Alejandro Villalobos: Bellator record 0-1 / MMA record 17-4 / significant win: Missael Silva de Souza

Jesse Juarez: Bellator record 3-2, coming off a loss / MMA record 22-10 / significant win: Robert Whittaker

Curtis Millender: Bellator record 0-2 / MMA record 7-2 / significant win: Dominic Waters

Razak Al- Hassan: Bellator record 0-1 / MMA record 12-5 / significant win: Rob Wince

Rameau Sokoudjou: Bellator record 2-1, coming off a loss / MMA record 16-13 / significant win: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Julio Cesar Neves: Bellator record 2-1, coming off a loss / MMA record 29-1 / significant win: Poppies Martinez

While this is undoubtedly bad news for those on the list, especially since Bellator is one of only three organizations that has a big television deal, it doesn't always mean the situation is permanent. The UFC and virtually every other promotion in the community typically have a revolving door policy. In most cases, the athletes just need to get back on the regional circuit and put some much needed wins on their resumes.