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War Machine fails to get sexual assault, attempted murder and burglary charges dismissed

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The Ultimate Fighter and Bellator veteran's legal team failed to get several charges dismissed and the former Jon Koppenhaver is headed to trial on September 16, accused of savagely attacking his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

War Machine, or as his legal team likes to refer to him, Jon Koppenhaver, tried and failed to have four of 34 felony counts dismissed in a hearing yesterday in Nevada. He failed as Clark County District Judge Elissa Cadish ruled there was sufficient evidence to go to trial on the charges of attempted murder (x2), sexual assault and burglary. The Las Vegas Review Journal was at the hearing.

War Machine also requested to take a lie detector test on the charges and was denied. He remains in the High Desert State Prison as he awaits his September 16 trial. He's currently serving out a sentence for assault after having his parole revoked following the August 2014 assault on Mack and his subsequent arrest while fleeing the charges in California.

His PR team issued a statement which can be read in full: War Machine press release June 3 hearing .

One excerpt: "The judge also rejected Mr. Koppenhaver's request to take a polygraph examination regarding the alleged charges," the statement read in part. "While this did elicit an outburst from Jonathan, it should be noted he is passionate about the truth being told, and would like to use all possible opportunities to provide it."