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Dana White on Reebok roll-out: 'Everybody is happy with this'

To hear the UFC brass tell it, everybody is head over heels with the new Reebok UFC fight wear.

Dana White was on hand for the UFC's Reebok fashion show/product roll-out on the new uniforms. He spoke to Ariel Helwani after the event to calm fan fears about Jose Aldo's readiness to take on Conor McGregor, explained why Chad Mendes is the third man waiting on the phone instead of Frankie Edgar, and just what Yoel Romero had on his mind post-fight in Florida.

To lead off the conversation however, he spoke up about the new Reebok uniforms and all the positive feedback they've gotten:

Yeah, at the end of the day, that's all that matters, that the fighters like it. And everybody is happy with this, so far. The people that have been involved with this love it. They did a great job with the design and it serves the purpose it's supposed to serve.

Depending on what type of shorts, if you like the Muay Thai shorts, they have them. If you like the spandexy type shorts, they have them. If you like the board shorts, they have them. The innovative stuff that they've done with the girls, with the bras and the bottoms. For the first time ever, technology has been put into the fight gear and the training gear for fighters.

On a final note, remember Henry Cejudo's awesome Aztec warrior outfit from UFC 188? It looks like any and all kinds of custom walkout gear will probably be a thing of the past, as White said as much at the end of the interview.