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UFC's new Reebok fight kits have some humorous errors

The UFC and Reebok unveiled their long-awaited fight kits today, but some of them didn't turn out as intended.

After waiting forever for the UFC and Reebok to put out their fighter uniforms, or fight kits in industry talk, they finally unveiled them with a splash today (you can watch the whole video here). And while there has been some praise and some more criticism for them on social media, one of the more humorous aspects of the unveiling is the ones they got wrong. So I'm here to run those down for you, because I'm a man of the people.

The first, and probably funniest of them all is UFC lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez. Unfortunately for the former Strikeforce champ, his shirt has his first name spelled "Giblert".

Next up is former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. I guess they got him mixed up with Marcio "Lyoto" Alexandre, so Lyoto's new first name is now Marcio?

Oh, but we're not done. You all know top middleweight fighter Ronaldo Souza. Who also goes by his nickname Jacare. Sometimes Jacare Souza, sometimes Ronaldo Jacare. Well according to Reebok, apparently Jacare is his real name and Ronaldo is his nickname? I think?

This one isn't really a mistake by anyone, they just didn't know he was going to sign with the competition right before the shirt comes out. But here's your Josh Koscheck kit - maybe he can wear it out for his first Bellator fight.

And there you have it. That's just the initial wave, there may be more. There has been some debate about what country fighters have been included in, but that's natural. And I'm sure Reebok will fix the mistakes quickly. But they are pretty funny.