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Kato? Santos? Romero? Who had the best knockout win of the weekend?

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And now for something completely different, a Bloody Elbow weekend poll.

Bellator MMA

For the most part, Bloody Elbow doesn't do too many "poll" posts, but this weekend is one of the rare exceptions. MMA fans witnessed some ultra-violent knockouts that are all viable candidates for best KO of 2015, and we're going to review all of them before putting the vote to our readers as to which finish was the best of the weekend.

*says in his best game show announcer voice* Let's meet our contestants....

Hisaki Kato vs. Joe Schilling (Bellator 139)

Hisaki Kato was a considerable underdog against kickboxer Joe Schilling, who had promised the Japanese fighter "an American ass whooping". One jumping left hand later and Schilling was taking an unexpected in-cage nap.

Thiago Santos vs. Steve Bosse (UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Romero)

Steve Bosse, former hockey enforcer, and noted destroyer of guys named Houston Alexander, got a rude UFC welcome from Thiago Santos. It lasted only 30 seconds and Santos just needed about 5 strikes to set up a head kick that made a sound similar to Giancarlo Stanton crushing a baseball into the upper deck.

Yoel Romero def. Lyoto Machida (UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Romero)

Yoel Romero spent two rounds content to strike with Machida and get in his big power punches, but the moment he got Machida to the ground, he went to work on the finish ASAP. Elbow knockouts, standing or on the ground, aren't too common in the UFC, and Romero put Machida to sleep with a series of the hardest ones you'll ever see. Machida previously hadn't been knocked out since the Shogun rematch in 2010.

So those are your three choices. The poll is available for you to choose your winner at the bottom of the page, and there is no option to weakly cop out and choose more than one answer.